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We build AI and conversational solutions that drive success for your business

Are you and your employees wasting time & energy doing repetitive tasks? Let us automate those for you & enhance productivity at your organization. Take your business into the future and realize new business opportunities with our AI and ML solutions. We help businesses analyze data and derive powerful consumer insights, interpret and predict outcomes and enhance human productivity. Our cognitive technologies, powered by machine learning, also decrease costs, enhance efficiency, and drive revenue growth.

We leverage and implement cloud computing to enhance speed and agility.

We enable you to be where your customers are with premium, highly-engaging chat-first solutions. Our AI chatbots help you automate and scale conversations. We pride ourselves on advanced machine learning capabilities and data analytic skills. Our unique approach sets us apart in this industry: we combine emotional IQ & human creativity with Artificial Intelligence, which enables us to develop authentic and endearing chat experiences for our partner brands.

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Build and launch on the fly

Our chatbot platform is loved by businesses big and small

Powerful templates

No coding required. Use our plug-and-play templates to build a full-featured bot in minutes. Easily switch around templates, features & tools

Automatically engage your social media & website visitors

Our AI chats with your website & social media visitors, answering queries instantaneously and capturing and qualifying leads on autopilot.

Automate followups

Your bot builds you a subscriber list, automatically checking in leads & customers. Automated re-engagement & value-add sequences.

700+ integrations

AI personal assistant for realtors

Your Zebo realtor chatbot serves as your AI personal assistant, taking potential leads through a simple but highly-converting sequence of buyer or seller questions, kind of like an automated consultation.

It identifies their needs, captures their details & contact info & schedules a call with you! Your leads are subscribed to your Messenger marketing list and your email marketing list(s). All details are saved in a CRM of your choice and you also receive an email alert, about your hot new lead, with all lead data!

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