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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • My bot is showing the automated greeting I had set up previously! How do I remove this?
      If you had set up a Messenger greeting previously, it should automatically be removed. However, if that is not the case you can turn it off in a minute following these steps!
      1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
      2. Click Messaging in the left column
      3. Below Show a Messenger Greeting, click to select No
      4. All done!
    • How do I add an admin or share my bot with my developer/client?

      To share your chatbot with others e.g. your client or your developer, make them an admin of the Facebook page and they will automatically see the chatbot under My Bots in their Zebo Dashboard.

      To add an admin to your page, go to Settings on the top of your page > Roles on the left side bar.

      Type the person’s name or email in the textbox and then select.

      Select Admin as the role from the dropdown menu.

      Click Add. Enter your password when prompted.

      Also explained by Facebook here

    • My bot suddenly stopped responding!

      If your bot has stopped responding its likely your token has expired or was force-expired by Facebook e.g. if you or a page admin changed their password, Facebook will expire the token! What a bummer right?! Anyway, you can generate a new token and get your bot back up in less than a minute! Here’s how to:

      1. Login to Zebo with your Facebook account

      2. From the Dashboard, click on the free template you had originally selected for the page you are reconnecting. If you don’t remember the template click on Ecommerce Template


      3. Select the Facebook page with the not responding bot


      4. You will be redirected to Build > Greeting Text. SAVE the Greeting Text. You’ll notice that it has loaded the Greeting Text you had added previously.

      5. Then go to the Persistent Menu tab, and save your Persistent Menu as well. Again, you’ll notice it has loaded the Persistent Menu you had set previously.

      6. Now delete the conversation with your bot on Messenger and relook up your page in the search bar to initiate a new conversation.

      7. Your bot will be active!

    • My Persistent Menu is not updating on Messenger

      Facebook caches Persistent Menus so if you update the menu in Zebo and it doesn’t show on Messenger, it’s because the old menu is cached locally. The cache is refreshed periodically but ofcourse you’d like to see your new menu asap! To do that, you can force a refresh to happen by deleting the conversation and beginning a new one in Messenger

      To delete the message with your page/bot, hover over the conversation and click the settings icon in the bottom-right corner. Click on Delete

      how to delete messages in facebook messenger deletefullmessagefb

      You will see a popup with CancelDelete, or Archive. Click Delete 

      how to delete messages in facebook messenger fbmessengerdelete


      Then initiate a new conversation with your page. After you hit the Get Started button you will see your new updated Persistent Menu

    • What’s the correct format for the Call a phone # action for menu buttons?

      The correct format is + country code area-code phone number

      No dashes or spaces

      e.g. for Palo Alto, California in the US I would enter +16503386470


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