Exporting products from your Woocommerce / WordPress site

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1. As of version 3.1x WooCommerce has a built-in product CSV exporter. We recommend using it over a plugin and this guide is for the built-in exporter. If you prefer to use a plugin, refer to the plugin’s page for details.

2. Login to your WordPress dashboard via mysite.com/wp-admin and then Products > Export


3. Select the following columns and types of products you want to download. Make sure the checkbox Yes Export all metadata is unchecked



4. Open the CSV and delete rows corresponding to out-of-stock and old/discontinued products. Keep it a maximum of 100 products

5. In Zebo, go to Build > Content > Ecommerce Settings, click on Woocommerce and then Upload and upload your CSV. Make sure to click Save to save the import. Once the import is complete, you’ll see your products in Build > Content > Ecommerce Products