How to clone or copy bots from 1 page to another

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Cloning, copying and moving bots: what is this feature for?

You will often find yourself wanting to create your bot on a test page so you can experiment and then switch it over to the actual page once its ready. Or, you might create a template and then sell that templates to clients. Every time you get a new client, you obviously can’t be rebuilding the bot from scratch: you simply clone the template to the client’s Facebook page and then edit the content to reflect their brand content.


1.  From the left side bar, make sure you’ve got the right bot selected. The right bot is your test bot / template. If not, click on the drop down and select the correct bot.

2. Head to Settings > Bot Connection page (second tab)

3. As you can see in the GIF below, I’m copying 5th Ave Clothing to Bett’s Clothing.

4. Make sure to scroll to the bottom and hit Save. Then wait for the confirmation message in green.




5. Now navigate back to your Dashboard and you’ll see the cloned bot under My bots. Click on it then Build > Greeting Text. Save your Greeting Text.

6. Go to Persistent Menu and click Save.  You’ll see its already been copied over from the original/test/template page. You must hit Save here or Messenger won’t show it!




7. That’s all! Your bot is ready!