Adding content to your chatbot: vocabulary & elements

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Introduction to Content

You can add content to your chatbot via Build > Content. In the Ecommerce, Look book, Restaurant & fast food templates, you can also add it via ecommerce products.

Cards and Carousels

Title has an 80 character limit
Subtitle has an 80 character limit
Buttons are limited to 3
A carousel can have a maximum of 10 cards

The Zebo bot platform has these limits built in so you won’t go over! This is particularly important for title and subtitle so that you can edit your text to meet the character requirement

Quick Replies

Quick replies have a text preceeding the quick replies. You can have a maximum of 11 quick replies. Don’t use quick replies for permanent items as they disappear when a user clicks on them.

Content Tips

You can always search for content in the content table. You can also stack up content items e.g. a text followed by an image and then quick replies

Image guidelines

According to the Facebook Developers Guidelines, the gallery image ratio is 1.91:1. Since there are many different devices that work with Facebook Messenger, unfortunately there is no single truth for thumbnail dimensions.

• While Facebook does not provide exact dimensions, we at Zebo have found that size 570px by 315 px works well
• Centered elements are preferred
• Keep the image under 0.5 MB
• Image should be horizontal* (see pics)
• Image should be jpg if the design covers the entire width and breadth; otherwise png